We are prepared to arrange digital viewings. We do believe it is necessary to view the property at least once before signing the agreement. This is to prevent any uncertainty about the condition of the house upon its delivery. If this is not possible, please consult with our rental agent. 

A housing permit is an approval from the municipality that allows you to live in a social rental or middle rent property. It is important that you rent a property that fits your budget. If you earn more than the standard set by the municipality, the permit will not be granted to you. If you fall within the income limits, the municipality will issue the permit to you. Your income therefore determines whether you may rent in the social, middle or free sector.    

After a successful viewing, we will ask you to provide documents. What documents these are varies whether you are employed, self-employed or if there are special circumstances why you do not yet have an income (students). Below you can see which documents, among others, we ask for:  

- Copy of passport or proof of identity  
- Recently completed employer's statement or employment contract  
- 3 most recent salary slips  
- A recent bank statement where the salary is deposited  
- Certificate of enrolment from an educational institution 


You have started to search for a rental property and you have succeeded, congratulations! Just a few steps to take, before you can move into your apartment. Once you have paid the deposit and the rent in full, the handover will take place. This is where we personally hand over the key to your new home. During this handover we will make an extensive inspection report and explain the practical aspects of the house.